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Caving is the art of safely moving through a natural cave to a destination and returning to the surface without hurting yourself or the cave. In order to explore safely, you will need the right equipment and the right skills. The following sections will provide you basic information and links to help you get started exploring caves.

The equipment you need will most depend on what types of caves you plan on going to. The cave environment such as amount of water and temperature will vary from cave to cave. The following table will give you the basics. I have much more detailed information in the guide to caving (follow pictured link below, left to learn more).

Different caves have different technical demands.  There are different skills needed for horizontal caves, vertical caves, ice caves, and underwater caves. The following checklists will give you some basic guidance, but there is no substitute for learning from experienced cavers.

Caving, like many other outdoor activities, are not inherently dangerous. The danger comes when you are unprepared either without the right skills or without the right equipment. Follow this link to learn about the most common caving hazards.

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