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Glacier Hiking

Glacier hiking describes the activity of hiking on a glacier with special equipment. This equipment includes crampons, rows, suspender belts, helmets and ice axes.

Glaciers are found on every continent except for Australia. They need a specific climate: generally a lot of snowfall during the winter and relatively cool temperatures during the summer. Glacier Hiking has become a tourist attraction in some countries, but it requires special knowledge of the constantly-changing environments and glacial features. Hazards like crevasses and serac are difficult obstacles that glacier hikers should be aware of during this activity.

Our glaciers are stunning from a distance, but up close you will experience a fairytale environment of constantly changing sculptures. The changing light, infinite shades of blue and the sounds of the ice, make glacier hiking a unique experience.

In the mountains of Norway there are 20 glaciers in total, and Jostedalsbreen alone is 487 square kilometers. 11 of the 20 glaciers are in Fjord Norway. So that less experienced hikers can experience the wild ice and snow landscape without exposing themselves to danger, guided tours are available in most of the glacier areas. For safety reasons, participants on these tours walk on a rope and equipment such as ropes, ice picks and crampons can be hired from the tour organiser.

Do not cross the barriers in front of the glacier without a guide! Standing too close to the glacier can be dangerous, as blocks of ice can suddenly break loose from the glacier.

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