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On the snow, this new sensation is called Speed Riding - a blend of paragliding and skiing that lets you ride/fly the slopes at incredible speeds.

Adding the flight manouverability of a glider to the turn of your skis adds a whole new dimension to coming down the mountain. It's an exhilarating sport that will excite and fascinate both participants and spectators.

or years, pioneers have been using skydiving parachutes, modified kites or paragliders to descend from mountain tops. Now with the new speed riding technology of incredibly light materials, coupled with the knowledge of aerodynamic performance used in paragliding, descending is taking on a whole new meaning!

What's the best way to get started in Speed Flying? Come master the Art of Paragliding first, so you know how to fly! Learn the proper inputs you will need to operate the wing and keep it flying.

Learn about NOFCON's (Non Optimal Flying Configurations). Find out how the glider stalls, what produces a spin, and how to handle a surge. Explore why the glider is subject to possible frontal or asymetric collapses from turbulence or inproper control imputs.

In Speed Flying and Speed Riding, everything happens VERY fast.

It makes sense to build a solid foundation of glider control skills in a slower, more forgiving aircraft before you move to the big time. Even a single day lesson will teach you valuable lessons about our incredible aircraft and you will experience the magic of flight for the first time. To get started just visit one of the speed riding schools in Chamonix, and go fast!!!

Limitless Life Tour’s travel & activities specialists will create the most inspiring and personalized tour especially for you

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