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Las Lenas

Las Leñas ski resort has amazing jaw dropping vistas of big mountains with dramatic peaks. Anyone can appreciate the spectacular views at Las Lenas Argentina, yet for expert skiers and boarders, they’ll start salivating over the steep big mountain lines that are waiting to be ripped. The Las Lenas Resort has fabulously gnarly terrain, so it’s not surprising that it attracts pro-skiers from around the world. 

There’s been an avalanche of hype associated with Las Leñas Argentina as an extreme skiing destination, but sometimes it doesn’t quite live up to the hysteria. If you can hang there all season you’re likely to score the full joys of the resort, but if you’re just going for a week-long vacation you’d better pray really hard to the weather gods that you’ll be able to access all that sick terrain.

If you are not up for throwing yourself off cliffs and straight-lining narrow chutes, don’t despair; Las Leñas ski resort also has runs for beginners, intermediates, advanced riders, and your average expert skier or snowboarder that’s not a pro.

Las Lenas ski resort is massive and on a fine day you can ski forever. The resort cites the size statistic as 17,500 hectares (39,000 acres) and it’s hard to know where they consider the in-bounds terrain to start and stop.

What’s clear though is that a huge proportion of the stat includes off-piste gated expert terrain that is serviced by the Marte chairlift at the top (which is frequently closed). If you exclude all that off-piste terrain, Las Lenas ski area is rather small with only 29 piste. Not surprisingly, Las Lenas skiing is particularly good for families because it’s easy to keep track of the little powder puppies.

The resort also has the impressive statistic of a 1,190 vertical metre drop (3430-2240), but once again if you exclude the Marte area, the vertical shrinks to only 530 metres. LL has 14 lifts: two quad chairs; 6 double chairs; and 7 surface lifts. The lift names have a gods/outer space/astro theme, although perhaps a few of the lifts could have names like slow, ancient and museum (OK that’s an exaggeration – the lift infrastructure is slowly improving)!

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