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Otherwise known as “Fin Del Mundo” (the end of the world), Ushuaia in Argentina is the southern most city in the world. Ushuaia has a population of about 60,000 people and it surges with tourists. In winter, the Ushuaia skiing at the nearby Cerro Castor attracts many porteños, whilst in summer Ushuaia is a very trendy tourist port at which many cruise ships stop. 

Located on the Beagle Channel that separates the tail ends of Argentina and Chile, the views from Ushuaia overlooking the water are rather special, which are complemented by the often snow capped mountains behind the town. Some of the beautiful colorful historic buildings are mixed in with modern structures, along with several eyesores.

Cerro Castor is up there as one of the most modern well established Argentine ski resorts along with Las Lenas and Cerro Catedral. Cerro Castor is located 26km (16 miles) northeast of the city of Ushuaia. There is a small selection of lodging at the base area, but most people stay in a hotel in Ushuaia and drive to the ski resort each day (along a fully paved highway). There is also a daily shuttle bus between many of the downtown hotels and Cerro Castor Ski Resort, but by the time it does pick-ups at various hotels, the trip can be tiresomely long.

High up above town is Glaciar Martial and just below the treeline is an old ski area with one chair lift that used to service a couple of ski trails. Now the Martial Glacier is just known for back country ski touring and snowshoeing, and whilst it provides a decent amount of vertical and various steep lines, don’t conjure up thoughts of an enormous deep glacier like Perito Moreno!


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