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Brazil is one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing. The northern beaches, particularly between Jericoacoara and Fortaleza offer an amazing mix of strong winds and trendy beach towns, perfect for a kite surfing holiday to Brazil.There is a growing kite surfing scene in and around Florianopolis, which offers good conditions for beginners on the Lagoa da Conceicao whereas the Atlantic Ocean has stronger winds and bigger waves. The best conditions are in the Brazilian spring, from September to November.

The best beaches though with the best and most consistent winds are all in the north.

Towns and villages such as Cumbuco with e a chilled out atmosphere offering simple to excellent accommodation options to relax in when the kite surfing is finished for the day. The best winds in the north-east blow from July to January, averaging at twenty to thirty knots every day. In the final few months of the year the winds get stronger, occasionally even reaching thirty-five knots.



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