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Nevados de Chillan

The Nevados de Chillan ski and snowboard terrain is smokin’ – literally considering that the ski resort sits on the flanks of three very active volcanoes. Nevados de Chillan in Chile is great for beginners and intermediates, but the feature of this ski resort is the interesting off-piste terrain that’s come about from a history of rivers of lava flow (none of them recent!). With lots of space and very few people heading off-piste, powder hounds will probably find lots of freshies. 

The Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort was formerly known as Termas de Chillan. The name might have changed, but it’s still renowned for the natural hot springs (termas) where you can soothe tired muscles.

The Nevados de Chillan ski area is reasonably large and has significant vertical of just under 1,000 metres (1,530 – 2,500 metres).
Nevados de Chillán has a spread of terrain for all ability levels from beginners to experts. The terrain includes long groomed cruisers and off-piste runs on open slopes. Volcanic eruptions and rivers of lava have left behind some really interesting bowls, gullies and natural half pipes. Unlike Chilean resorts further north, there is also some tree skiing (when the snow conditions are very good), which provides the advantage of affording visibility and protection in inclement weather.

Nevados de Chillan is renowned for its great backcountry ski touring opportunities, and the resort also offers cat skiing and heli skiing. The Nevados de Chillan ski resort has 12 lifts, which includes a mix of chairlifts (2 quads, 1 triple, 3 doubles) and surface lifts that are handy for the often-windy conditions. Now owned by Nevados de Chillan instead of Termas de Chillan, the archaic lift system is slowly being revamped.


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