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Aerobatics is the formal term used for acrobatics performed in mid-air by trained pilots with their aircraft, either as a part of their training for dog-fights, for recreational purposes or just as a sport. These are flight routines or maneuvers which are not performed by the pilots under normal flight operations. Aircrafts are flown to unusual angles with respect to the horizon. Aerobatics can either be a solo aircraft maneuver or in conjugation with a few other airplanes, performing a preset routine. 

In this, aerobatics are flown by teams of up to 16 aircraft. However, most aerobatics are flown by teams of up to 10 aircraft. In many countries, armed forces are commercially sponsored or state funded. Colored smoke trails are emitted to emphasize the patterns flown. Moreover, colors of a national flag are also demonstrated. Usually each team finishes their maneuvers in a special and dramatic colour scheme, thus emphasizing their entertainment function. 

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