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Only in Indonesia can you book a passage on a genuine hundred-year-old trading schooner to cruise through the exotic Spice Islands to destinations that have been seducing travelers for centuries.
Indonesia waves have always had a mystical, irresistible aura for surfers throughout the world.
The Indonesian rainforests are the oldest in the world, and great for hiking. You can choose from brief forays or opt for longer trips right into the heart of the jungle. Mountains offer cool escapes and spectacular views.

Operators offer single and multi-day excursions that take you through pristine jungle, deep gorges and some electrifying rapids. 

The Indonesian archipelago, which is made up of more than 17,000 islands, is ideally suited for adventure cruises. They are one of the best possible ways of gaining access to some of the country's most exquisite, isolated tropical islands - plus there's the added advantage that getting there can be every bit as exotic and as exciting as the destinations themselves.

An extensive selection of charter boats is available in Indonesia, from luxurious state-of-the art cruising ships to traditional inter-island trading boats, which have been refitted to carry passengers. Some of these boats offer dive or surf cruises, where guaranteed action is built into the daily agenda. They give you access to the best and most remote dive sites and reef breaks.

Limitless Life Tour’s travel & activities specialists will create the most inspiring and personalized tour especially for you

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