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The canyoning or canyoning consists of the descent of water courses, generally in the upstream section where waterfalls and canyons occur, that is, in mountainous areas. The use of different techniques and suitable materials allows to progress along the more recondite and / or complicated gorges. This activity combines caving and climbing techniques, but goes further with jumping or sliding on natural slides. It is an activity that almost always leads to fantastic discoveries, superb landscapes and picturesque corners. Enjoy refreshing waterfalls, crystal clear water pebbles and giant kettles with unusual morphologies is certainly motivating. The canyoning is all this and more.

The pursuit of exceptional beauty and the attraction for adventure have led mountain climbers and speleologists to explore vertiginous valleys. Due to its picturesque morphology and inaccessibility, regions such as the mountains of Guara (in Spain) and Verdon (in France) have become real sanctuaries of activity. But it is fair to note that speleologists were the first to be interested in the descent of canyons. Historical reasons that, even today, translate into the techniques used in this modality. The techniques in use are more closely related to those used in caving than to mountaineering / climbing.

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