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Crocodile Diving

Prepare yourself for an adrenalin pumping hair raising encounter! Cage divers can watch and experience these amazing animals in their own environment. Whilst in the cage you can observe the fascinating Nile crocodile underwater and have a close look at their thick tails and strong jaws, while they are fed by our croc handlers. All dive equipment required for the dive such as secondskins, booties, masks and towels are provided at no extra cost.

After enjoying breakfast or lunch at our licensed café/deli our friendly staff will escort the group of divers to the platform where you will meet the dive master/croc handler. After a safety briefing everyone will be handed out their diving gear. Our spacious cage can easily take up to 10 divers and will spend approximately 20 minutes in the water with our crocs. Whilst in the cage our in house photographer will take photos of and make a video of the group that can be watched and purchased after the dive whilst enjoying some refreshments. Fresh showers after the dive are also free for all divers to enjoy.

Limitless Life Tour’s travel & activities specialists will create the most inspiring and personalized tour especially for you

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