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Microlight Flying

Being in microlight really takes you back to those pioneering days of aviation, giving you a taste of open-cockpit flying. Feel the wind on your face and experience the sensation of flight that is completely open to the elements…

We say this, but there are, of course, two different types of microlight aircraft these days, namely fixed wing and flex wing. And the difference? Well, a latest generation fix-winged microlight can look to the untrained eye just like a traditional light aircraft, while flex-winged flying is the one with the cockpit that is open, giving you that 'at one with nature' feel. We offer flying lessons all over the country in both types of microlight.

When you go microlighting it’s not just as a passenger, each session is actually a lesson and you will be treated as a budding pilot on their first training flight. That means you’ll have a full ground-based safety briefing and a walk around the machine as it sits on the apron at the airfield. You then take part in the pre-flight checks and listen to an explanation of the controls before take off.

Intercom headsets are used so you can hear each other and your experienced instructor pilot will give something of a running commentary as you prepare to get airborne, so you can get a real feel for what it's like to be a microlight pilot. 

Even though the take off speed is slow and your maximum ceiling height and cruising speed are pretty low too, there's something inherently charming and 'back to basics' about microlight flying. We think these lightweight little flying machines will steal any aviator’s heart!

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