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Dog Sledding

Try your hand as a musher and steer your own pack of dogs for several days, or enjoy the view as a passenger on a one-day dog sledding trip.

Huskies, the breed commonly used for dog sledding, are strong dogs. On a typical trip, they will pull you at high speed through the white wilderness. And as the wind slaps you gently in the face, you will get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when dog sledding was a much more common mode of transportation.

Joining a dog sledding tour is a great opportunity to feel the strong bond between man and dog.

Travelling by the power of dogs is a remarkable experience. Originally used as a means of transport by the Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic and the early settlers of Banff, dogsledding has since been adopted as a recreational activity well suited to the snowy slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

This unique experience can be tranquil at some times, and exhilarating and delightfully chaotic at others. Dogsledding is a must-do activity for any traveller, but especially so for dog-lovers or those wanting to experience a classically Canadian activity. Explore the rich history, culture, and techniques of dogsledding as your musher and dog team guide you through the incredible scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

Although you will be snugged up in the low-slung sled, dress very warmly! Gloves are an absolute essential, as are sturdy winter boots – especially if you’d like to try your hand at mushing your own team. 

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